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2 Oct

Community builder plugins

Most powerful and flexible file download solution for Joomla. This CB plugin lets you transform your digital files into packages that can only be downloaded by authorized users. Joomla ACL is supported along with built in conditions (based on user CB field values) can be used for download authorization. CBSubs Paid Subscriptions - CB Package Builder - GroupJive - CB Auto Actions. CB Package Builder. CBSubs. CBSubs Language Plugins. CB Language Plugins. 1. CB Activity. 1. CB AntiSpam. 1. CB Auto Actions. 1. CB Gallery. 8. The MyJoom Radius Search Plugin for Community Builder allows you to add a field into the native Community Builder search function. This field allows the user to enter any type of address (street and/or city and/or ZIP and/or any data that can be located in Google maps).

Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social and access to many additional optional add-on plugins and privileges. Description; Install the plugin; Configure the plugin; My lists are not displayed on the CB registration form! Frequently Asked Questions. Now CB Core Search Extention with Module *** Community builder Advanced CB OS completely ajax plugins are power CB plugins to allow user can do.

Installing the plugin. This is done in a custom manner, through the Community Builder installer, not by using the standard Joomla! one. Please follow these steps. Community Builder plugin allows you to display the user comments within a This is done in a custom manner, through the Community Builder installer, not by . The Community Builder (CB) plugin allows you to show a newsletter checkbox during the registration process on your site if you use CB for registrations. This plugin will add a tab on the user community builder profile that will list their ads. Please note that this plugin isn't a joomla plugin but a Community Builder.