Irssi xdcc download

2 Oct

Irssi xdcc

You need to /dcc get botname ; or set dcc_autoget to on. The first is the command to accept files being sent to you. The second is a setting to. Hey guys so I wrote up a tutorial for a friend of mine on how to use XDCC with IRSSI and I thought that some of you guys might be interested in. Examples: /xdcc -add Jollo in his native habitat:) /xdcc -add interriorkraft.com3 Distant cry of the Jollo, am /xdcc -del 1 For client commands.

CHAT: Initiates or accept a chat request. GET: Accepts a file transfer request. RESUME: Resumes a file transfer. SERVER: Starts a DCC server. Note: Because of the way DCC works, someone may advertise a file at once size but try to send you something larger. According to src/irc/dcc/dcc-autoget.c, thisĀ  A: Levels - B: Special Variables and - C: Time Formats. Default is '\$HOME/.irssi'. xdccget_max_downloads Maximum number of parallel downloads. Default is 2. A download request which is queued by the XDCC.

xdcc autoget, to automate searching and downloading xdcc packs from xdcc bots add a bunch of xdcc bots and search terms using the provided functionality, 0); Irssi::settings_add_str($IRSSI{'name'}, "ag_xdcc_send_prefix", "xdcc send");. Script Repository for Irssi. Contribute to irssi/ development by creating an account on GitHub. Contribute to hoxu/irssi-scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. hey! i have biiig problem with making IRSSI to accept /dcc files automaticly: . Every time when someone is sending something to me i have to.